About Us

Since 2000

Zachar Architecture is a full-service architecture firm to deliver the highest and best design solutions for our clientele. While housing is our specialty, other commercial establishments such as offices, gyms, salons and restaurants are also in our wheelhouse. We possess the experience and confidence to advocate for our clients through every step of the process. We maintain solid relationships with vendors and service providers you need to make your project a reality.

The principal of Zachar Architecture, John Zachar, has been perfecting his craft of architecture for decades. He seeks elegant, timeless solutions through an interactive, iterative process. In addition, he has considerable experience on the construction side and is an invaluable resource in directing the building process. John has held an Architect license in the state of Illinois since 1998 and maintains Self-Certification status with the City of Chicago. His work can be found all over Chicago and surrounding environs, as well as Wisconsin, Michigan, South Carolina and Florida. He holds a Masters, with honors from Tulane University.

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